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How do you like the latest additions to my necklace collection?

In fact, I've always been a very big quartz collector enthusiast and ever since I was little, I used to collect quartzes and rocks in different shapes and colors, now give it to me ready to wear as a necklace by and I am in!

The neon yellow necklace is by the talented designer and street style photographer Giia. She designs the most amazing necklaces and when she told me she wanted to customize a special one for me in my favorite color, I knew that a neon yellow would be perfect! ... There are still a few others I want to show you, but it will have to be in a different post.

Huge thanks to Fashionology and Giia for enhancing StyleScrapbook's future "looks of the day" with their beautiful creations!


Quartz necklaces:
Neon yellow necklace: Giia


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