Its raining, its pouring.

Style : You may notice in my last post below, that a friend will be drawing the names. Yes the husband is off again, this time to Greece on Wednesday. Meanwhile I shall bask in the glory of our decidedly damp English winter. The streets turned into rivers today as I walked home, rain filling my shoes as I skipped over giant puddles in my heels. But I can't complain valentines day is too commercial these days and hubby has spoilt me with delicious meals all weekend. He says everyday is like valentines day with him. I'm not sure about every day?! But he is becoming a rather amazing cook. As I reach for second helpings I see a battle with my skinny jeans coming on.
As well as eating I have been stitching new garlands from old woolen fabric scraps, delicate italian biscuit wrappers and paper doilies. Not many pictures as light is still an issue. But I have a three day weekend this week so I am looking forward to making the most of some extra hours of daylight. What are your thoughts on valentines day?


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