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Style : Thank you so much for all your lovely messages yesterday they warmed my heart and plumped my soul. It was so very cold outside, I just stayed home, packed and shipped all my Etsy orders and got lots of other things done, fun stuff and chores, it really is one of my favorite things, to stay at home by myself. Later, we ventured out into the frosty evening for a delicious home cooked meal with my family, my Dad really is a great cook.

Of course I am thrilled to meet up with friends or family and when I actually make the effort I have such fun. But just lately I think I may be becoming more reclusive than ever. I have to force myself out to visit people sometimes. I wonder if I am online too much? Just at home and the husband the only other face I see. I feel like I should be getting a dose of cabin fever but I am happier than ever, who needs to leave the house when there is a hoard of port and cheese? Must just be the season, I'm hoping anyway!? When we have longer sun ups and cardigan, not coat weather, I will make more trips out into civilization.

14. For my birthday amongst other things I received a beautiful cardigan from Toast, a family recipe, a pair of berry coloured suede gloves and a necklace that belonged to a close friend. (She hardly ever wore it and as I loved it so much passed it on to me.) yay! What is the sweetest thing someone has given or done for you?


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