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Style : Hello and happy midweek to you, I have spent my morning going through all my photos and trying to decide which ones to have printed as post cards.

Met with my darling sister for lunch, who brought with her some delicious homemade flapjack, which lasted all of two seconds! Then off to view a house which was a perfect light, airy space and a real bargain even though it would take £60'000 at least to fix it up. There were scenes from "the money pit" running through my mind. It had views to die for right down to the coast and the sunshine shimmering on the sea. Shame one needs essential things like heating and so on to survive the crappy English winter.
It seems an old man had lived there all his life, there were six layers of wall paper peeling back to reveal all the previous decades trends. One was a fabulous willow pattern china print. Also there were vintage gift boxes and old books piled up in the hallway, I thought of you guys, I wonder if there was anything inside? How wonderful would it be to gather up some great friends and look through them all? It breaks my heart to think they may be waiting to be thrown out.

Poking about in shabby old houses is not the only place you'll find me today, my dear friend Melissa of Melissa loves has invited me to tea and talk, won't you stop buy and join us?


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