The yellow painting

Style : I was asked by Kari of Artsy Mama where I got the the yellow painting that appeared in my post earlier today. I bought it in a local vintage clothing boutique. It was made by a local artist called Melissa White of Fairlyte hand painted interiors.

Melissa developed this technique that imitate's old, cracked and ageing walls by plastering a flexible surface like a loose weave fabric, she then uses different methods to distress the surface so it appears time worn. The final pieces are left dusty and matt or finished with bees wax for a rich, shiny patina. I have wanted my own piece for so long so you can imagine how happy I am that this pretty bird on a cheery yellow background hangs on my wall.

Pop over to fairlyte and learn more about Melissa's lovely work.

She also has an Etsy shop.


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