A little bit of optimism

Style : Long tiring day. I am a generally cheerful person, but sometimes smiling all day really does take it out of you. January people are so grumpy. Roll on March I say. Spring bulbs, sun in the mornings, all the tree's coming back to life. A little bit of optimism.

I'm just so glad I get to come home spend time with my friends and family and read about you folk getting the most out of each day.
I have been tagged over on flickr by Melissa to reveal 16 facts about myself. 16 is quite a lot, so while I was thinking about it, I set myself a little challenge, I will try to post a fact a day sixteen days in a row.

Here is number 1. I think my favorite food is dark chocolate. But I could not live without bread and cheese.

Instead of tagging individual people I would love it if you posted some random facts about yourself in my comments so I can get to know you all a little better.


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