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Instead of focusing on the terrifying experience I had on my flight back, I wanted to share with you the amazing experience I had in Los Angeles.
I was there for only 2 full days and one of them I spent it shooting at the studio the whole day (I will post pics and details of what I was doing there in the next post)

Lucky for me, we managed to shoot all of my scenes on Sunday at the studio so I had Monday free which I didn't expect but made me very excited, because I didn't want to leave without seeing at least a little bit of the city. 

I spent the whole day with the lovely Shea from Cheyenne meets Chanel and we did an express Hollywood tour to see as much as possible. We started off visiting the walk of fame where I took a picture of Michael Jackson's star ( a MUST in my books ;), we drove near the Hollywood sign to get picture with it and we spent the rest of the day between Melrose, Robertson, had lunch at the Ivy, shopped at Opening Ceremony & Urban outfitters, went for a delish green bubble tea at Urth Cafe and in between all of this, managed to spot Orlando Bloom who stopped his car right next to us at Cafe PRIMO on Sunset, I nearly died!

As the sun started to come down, we ended our day at SoHo House on Sunset Blv where we had a glass of wine, long girly talks AND where we spotted David and Victoria Beckham greeting some friends right in front of us, not to mention Katie Holmes who as soon as I saw I thought : TOM CRUISE is here!, but he wasn't :(.

I honestly had the best day, Shea is the sweetest and we had so much fun together, just as if we have known each other for ages and it is so refreshing to meet people that you can get along and feel comfortable with, not to mention that making new friends is always exciting!

Stay tuned for the pictures of the studio and where I will finally spill the beans on what I was doing in Hollywood :)



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