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So here is is what I wore for Paris FW day 1 ... I decided to wear the leopard pants I wore to the Burberry show last week, just because I didn't have any pics of me wearing them, but as you can see in the picture below, the day I wore them is the day I started getting pics from that day, oh my luck! haha

Thanks to Amy Ward for sending me this picture taken after the Burberry show last week.

As you know, I went to London by myself last week, therefor I had nobody to help me out with outfit pics.
A lot of you asked me to show you what I wore to the burberry show, so here it is!

Funny thing is, since I had no pictures of me from that day, I decided to wear the same leopard pants yesterday (To Barbara Bui) and just as I came back to my flat from PFW day 3, I saw this email from Amy which means, you will see these pants a lot on future posts (as I start collecting from the web all the pics taken yesterday).
Good think leopard is in trend right!

Speak to you soon!




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