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This month is indeed VERY SPECIAL for me, as I will be celebrating the 3 year anniversary of StyleScrapbook and because of this, I wanted to organize few surprises to thank you for being so supportive and visiting my blog every morning/afternoon/night.

*Today at exactly 3:00pm (central europe time) I will be launching the very first surprise of the month, so please come back and be a part of it, you wont want to miss this!

P.S- You don't have to be here at exactly 3:00pm, that is only when the giveaway will be launched, you can come anytime after 3:00pm :)

See you later!


Este mes es SUPER especial para mi por que el 26 de Noviembre es el tercer aniversario de StyleScrapbook, así que decidí organizar algunas sorpresas durante el mes de Noviembre para agradecerles el apoyo durante estos 3 años.

La primera sorpresa viene hoy a las 3:00 de la tarde (Hora de Europa central), te puedo asegurar que no te la quieres perder así que regresa en un rato!

Nos vemos a las 3:00




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