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I already know the reaction that 50% of you will have as soon as you see these boots and it will be something like this: Oh my God Andy, why did you get those boots!? They are so ugly!... :P

Well, it all started last summer when I visited Scandinavia for the first time (yeah! a lot of girls in Scandinavia wear Doc Martens, oh and in England, and so on), but it always amazed me how they make these masculine boots look so stylish, so I took this as a Styling challenge!

I have been wanting a pair for a while, but I was always hesitating and was afraid that they might have looked too masculine on me. 
I was in NYC last week and while walking around SoHo, I bumped into the Doc Martens shop, that was the moment where I saw the Avery velvet boots, too perfect for words! Yeah, they are still Doc Martens, but there was something about the velvet, that immediately justified me wearing them.

Unfortunately they didn't have my size, so I browse the internet for hours but still couldn't find them, lucky for me, as soon as I landed in London this morning, I rushed to the Doc Martens shop in Covent Garden and I found them!

I am very curious to see how I will adapt these to my wardrobe, lets just wait and see!

P.S- Have you seen my NY FW diaries on Fashiolista yet?

P.S 2- Thousands of Outfit pics from my trip to NYC are still coming, bare with me! :D

P.S 3- Did I mention I am in London!?!?!



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