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Style : The end of 2009, brings the end of the best store on Buchanan Street.

Borders Books went into Administration this month and will be closing it's Glasgow store which has become the cultural hub for the city centre. A popular meeting place and more importantly the only place in Glasgow where you will find ANY fashion and art magazine you need from around the world.


The FB group to campaign against it's closure has 1000s of members already and reading the comments is quite saddening actually. Join the Facebook group here.

The admin for the group (Steven McCluskey), sent an open letter from Borders staff. Here's an excerpt:

"It's clear from the sentiments expressed in the posts so-far that what people are essentially keen to protect is what has become an important and valuable city centre hub and meeting place for many people that does not have to involve the city centre pub culture- I'm blown away by the number of young people who are speaking out- books and young people who would have thought it- I thought they were all to busy getting pissed, having unsafe sex and locked away in their bedrooms day and night playing computer games - really highlights the absence of any city centre youth facilities where you can just hang out with your mates over a coffee talking life, books and music!

I'll be honest I'm no great lover of faceless bland high street chains and given the choice would much rather support the independents, it’s what this space has become to so many of the people of Glasgow that is essentially worth protecting, many of the concerns expressed by many are as much about what will replace this space when its gone? Bookshop v Pub – mobile phone shop – fashion store etc. I know what I’d rather have.

How about doing something radical Glasgow City Council turn it into an arts centre- a space for young people or something similar, it’s as much about protecting the cultural landscape (or what’s left of it) of the city centre as much as anything else – as someone here has argued if they can bail out the banks for billions of pounds how about actually protecting something that the people of Glasgow actually want!"


98 Buchanan Street - what will become of you?


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