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Big thanks to my friends from Stockholm StreetStyle for providing me with what seems to be the only picture I have from that day, so now thanks to them, I can show you what I wore to the ACNE show last Sunday :) (P.S- Yes, you've guessed it, I made the velvet maxi skirt)

I really loved few of the pieces from the ACNE collection, specially the super flare trousers which I am sure I will be wearing and quite possibly mass producing next season, it will be like my Maxi skirt obsession, Oh I see it coming already.

I apologize for the super blurry pictures I took, I was testing a new camera (no, it wasn't my 7D), but I didn't seem to get the settings right and all the pics came out blurry, so I had to borrow the frontal pics from to show you the non blurry version ;).

How did you like the show?



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