White Christmas in Glasgow

Style : White tee // White Docs // White hair // White Christmas

This weekend it snowed. And snowed.

From Hyndland to Hamilton, Byres Road to Buchanan Street, hoards of Christmas shoppers took to the streets battling what turned into a blizzard.

It's the time of year for reflection so all this white got us itching to compile our favourite white looks of 2009.

White on the Street:

Thanks to:

Refinery 29

Fashion Grunge

Stockholme Street Style


Female Creature

Copenhagen Street Style


As much as we protest against the corporate commercialism that is the 'Chistmas holidays', we've got two white items we want Santa to bring us...

Hint hint

But remember kids, the ice outside means you've gotta wrap up. Big boots, wool coats and long scarfs we're the look of the weekend, just don't forget your winter whites:



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