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Lately I have been trying to sleep and rest as much as I can before heading back to my hectic life in Europe.

The past few weeks have been amazing, definitely the perfect way to end my year and start a new one, recharged, full of good vibes and energy.

I haven't done much outfit posting, but that is because I have been doing a lot of casual outfits, something I don't do much when I am in Europe.  I do love dressing up and I normally do that in my normal life, but while I am here, I get to be lazy and stay in pj's the entire day if I want to, that and take nap after nap after nap, I am doing as much sleeping as I possibly can :D

Do you have any plans for NYE yet?


Ultimamente me ha dado por dormir horas y horas, lo que nunca acostubro cuando estoy en Europa, asi que mientras siga por estos rumbos, voy a aprovechar :D.
Las ultimas semanas han sido increibles, me la he pasado tan bien y ha sido la mejor manera de terminar el año, con la batería recargada y llena de buena vibra.

He tratado de actualizar lo mas seguido posible, pero la verdad últimamente me la he tratado de pasar en fachas y super comoda, casi casi en pijama, ya regresando a Europa me arreglare :P

¿Que planes tienen para Año nuevo?


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